Pet policy

Pet policy

We have lots of inquiries about taking of small well-trained pet permissions.


We would like to confirm this strictly policy that

1. We are not allow any kind and any size of pet to go into our room and any area of our property including parking lot.

2. We are not allow guests who comes with pet to check in although pet will be in their vehicle  at all time. The reservations still be charge without refund and we will treat it as no-show.

3. We are not allow our guests to have visitors come with pet to meet at our property. They will have to meet outside of our property.

4. We are not allow non-guests walking with pet into our property at any time. We have to ask them go out immediately if unfortunately they missed the reading of the No-walking-of-pet-sign at the entrance of our property.

5. No acceptance of reservations which an accompanying group, will travel with pet. Although they will stay at another property. If known, we will ask you to cancel the reservations right away.* We will not accept of these partially group booking and will come to "JOIN TOGETHER" at our property.

*First seen of accompanying pet comes at check in although they will go next checking in at another property. We will charge a first night with no check in allowed. Don't bring them to our property with you!

6. Your pet must be left at home only or the same meaning.


* No pet is including service dog. We have a lot of hotel that are pets friendly in town.

Any evidences of violent will be treat as crimes and will be asked to leave their room with maximum posted fee charge. Non-negotiation.


Published at the time of hotel establishment 

Strictly No-Pet applied

 Minimum charges for pet violent $200 per pet